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Demand for Depot in Food Deficit Area


Sankhuwasabha,Khaddh sankatgrast skhetraka laagi depot maang. Sankhuwasabha/ September 17 The dwellers of Wala, Sishuwa, Tamku, Mangtengwa, and Yaphu VDCs have demanded the food supply committee to keep food depot following food crisis in the area. The locals demanded a depot with a capacity to store 500 quintal of as the grains produced in the area is not sufficient to feed them even for three months. The district's food security network maps Bala, Sishuwa, Mangtengwa, and Tamku VDCs as food crisis area. If the Food Corporation could establish a depot with price subsidy in this area, food crisis could be sorted, said civil society leader Indra hang Rai. The Food Corporation has taken Chepuwa, Hatiya, Pawakhola and Kimathanka as food crisis area. These areas have been announced food crisis area as the produce does not suffice for more than three months and due to lack of produce according to the seasons. The food supply committee has focused on food availability, access to food and utility while declaring food deficit area. The committee concluded that the Balasishuwa area is hit by food crisis between March to June and from July till October. The food crisis is due to the inaccessibility of road, transportation, said Dhyan Kulung. The district has only 8.5% of arable land. The network has differentiated two municipality and 18 VDCs as "A" category with minimum food crisis area, Kimathanka, Makalu, Hatiya, Chepuwa and Pawakhola VDCs as "B" category with food insecure area and Wala, Sishuwa, Tamku, Mangtewa, and Yaphu BDC as highly food insecure area under "C" category.


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