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Woman Thrashed, Mistreated on Witchcraft Allegation


Province 4, Myagdi, Malika

org SMS ALert: Myagdi, Boksi bidhya ko arop ma mahila mathi durbewahar. A 42-year-old woman has been beaten and fed human excreta by relatives on October 8 on charge of being witch. According to Inspector Bimal Kumar Upadhyaya of the District Police Office, Maiti Thapa, 50, and her daughter Bissu KC, 25, of Campus chok in Beni Municipality beat her at around noon and fed her feces of a child. Police said that preliminary investigation showed that the victim was beaten and mistreated on charge of bewitching 1 and half year old son of Bissu. Both the accused have been arrested based on the complaint filed by the victim at the police office on October 8.


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