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INSEC Provides Support to Child Victims


INSEC Provides Support to Child Victims

Bardiya/November 24

INSEC has, on November 24, provided support to two children injured in victim-activated explosions.


One of the boys, from Belbhar in Dhadhabar8 Dipak Tharu, 14, and Radheshyam Tharum, 15, of Gauripara in Deudakala8 of Bardiya district were provided Rs 3,000 as an educational grant.


INSEC Bardiya District Representative provided the fund, supported by UNICEF Nepal. Dipak Tharu was injured after CPA in which he lost his left eye. Principal of Tharu's school Simha Lower Secondary School Sukhiram Tharu handed over the support.


Another boy, Radheshyam Tharu lost his fingers of left hand when he played with a socket bomb found near his house. INSEC DR Man Bahadur Chaudhary handed over the money to his family members.


Similarly, in Surkhet, INSEC has provided financial support to an 8-year-old boy of Jaharkot in Narayan Municipality-2, Dailekh on November 24.


Thapa's father had chopped his fingers on November 1 after a local shopkeeper claimed that the boy had stolen biscuits from his shop.


The boy, who has been staying at Itaram of Birendranagar Municipality-8, has been provided Rs 5,000.

Man Bahadur Chaudhary


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