Incident Reports

Journalists Register Protest to CDO


Jumla, Jumlaka patrakaarle jilla prashashanma copy kalam bujhaye. Jumla/ October 30 Journalists from Jumla district have handed over a pen and paper to the District Administration Officer Chetan Kumar Khatri as a part of their protest citing the public sense of insecurity in the district insecure. They claim that the police have become a source of insecurity in opposition to their duty. The journalists were agitating in protest of police mistreatment of journalist DB Buda of Nagarik daily and the incident of attack on INSEC District Representative and Kalikot FNJ head Kali Bahadur Malla that occurred a week ago. The journalists organized the protest after Buda was physically abused by the police after taking him in control while he was returning home from work at local radio station on October 29. Journalist Karna Bahadur Bhandari of Nepal Television said that they were compelled to take such step after the responsible security personnel started terrorizing the public and journalists in the district. Bandhari further urged to create an environment of freedom of mobility in the district. The journalists handed over pen and paper accusing police administration of failing to punish the criminals but bothering innocent public. Releasing a press statement, the agitating journalists condemned the incident and demanded an action against the offenders.