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VDC Secretary Displaced for Refusing to Pay Donation


Province 1, Jhapa, Barhadashi

Jhapa, chanda nadiyeko aropma VDC sachiv visthapit. Jhapa/November 2 Chakchaki VDC secretary Raghunath Niraula has been barred from entry to his office by the political parties after he refused to give in to their demand for donation. Niraula has not been able to go to the office since the last week. He said that the political parties were mistreating him for failing to donate as per their demand for local fair and Kali Puja organized during the time of Tihar. Local Kali Puja committee chaired by Dhiraj Kumar Ganesh had asked Chakchaki VDC to pay Rs 125,000 on October 19. Niraula said that he alone cannot decide to donate that much of money thus inviting the ire of the committee. An all-party meeting could not decide the amount to be paid and he offered to donate Rs 25,000. When the nine party leaders left the venue agreeing to his offer, NC and madeshi parties assaulted him. He said that these parties pressured him to sign a minute increasing the amount to Rs 51,000. He left the place saying he would donate the money with consent from DDC, he has been barred from entering his office since October 21. He said currently he was attending the office at DDC. The dispute came to light when the UML said not more that Rs 5,000 would be donated. Locals said that they were facing problems after the VDC secretary was barred from the office.


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