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Woman Accused of Making Witch Allegation Released on Bail


org SMS ALert: Palpa, Boksi ko arop lageka lai dharauti ma chutaiyo. Three people arrested on charge of level charge of witchcraft against an elderly woman have been released on bail on October 31. Bimala Darji, her husband Ganga Bahadur Darji and local Dilmaya Nepali were arrested after they assaulted a 69-year-old local woman on October 6 accusing her of being witch. As per the court order, Bimala deposited Rs 42,000, Ganga Bahadur deposited 35,000 and Dilmaya deposited Rs 7,000. The court had decided that the case could go on without holding them in custody, District Court registrar Biswa Prakash Regmi said.


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