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Woman Seeks Justice after Being Accused of Witchcraft


Karnali, Jajarkot, Tribeni Nalagad

Jajarkot, Boksi ko arop lagepaxhi nyaye khojdai sadarmukam. Kali BK, 43, of Chaulechaur in Dandagaon VDC-7 has filed a complaint at Women and Children Office on November 13 after being repeatedly being accused of witchery and physical and mental assault. BK said she came to the district headquarters after she could take the abuse any more. According to her, fellow villagers, Tek Bahadur BK and his wife Laxmi BK and Gorakh BK have been mistreating her charging her of being a witch. At the latest, she was assaulted after village shaman Tek Bahadur said that Kali’s spell had made her grand-nephew ill forcing her out of the village to seek justice. D


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