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Accused Bigamist Arrested


Lumbini, Gulmi, Dhurkot

Gulmi, Bahubukhi ka aropit giraftar. Ananta Bhandari, 26, of Bastu VDC-5 and living in Samdalchaur of Amarpur VDC-1 and Meena Parajuli,19, of Phulbari in Arje VDC-9 have been arrested on November 18 by the police from Bastu VDC-5, Dharni on charge of polygamy. Sabitra Bhandari, 23, first wife of Ananta had lodged a complaint at police against the accused on October 25. Inspector Mahendra Nepal said that the accused have been arrested for investigation. The victim and her son have been living in her parental home after the incident.


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