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Clash in Prison Leaves Five Inmates Injured


Udaypur/November 21 Five inmates have been injured in a clash between two groups of inmates at District Prison of Udaypur on November 21. The clash started after the dispute between the gang of prison leader Manoj Rai and Sanjeev Rai. The prison administration said that the injured were Manoj Rai, Yuvraj BK, Bhagwat Malaha, Tulsi Rai and Sanjeev Rai. Among those injured, Tulsi is in serious condition and was referred outside the district for further treatment. However, the other injured inmates are getting treatment at Udaypur district hospital, said jailer Mukunda Dhakal. The preliminary investigation has found that group of Sanjeev gang had attacked Manoj’s group, accusing them of exploiting other inmates; exerting money from them and not giving transfer record of the inmates to local security chief. The injured were immediately rescued by the group of police deployed from DPO. SP Tek Bahadur Gurung said that the incident is under investigation. There are 112 inmates in the prison and the prison has a capacity of 50 inmates. B


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