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Writ Petition for Mandamus Filed After Police Refusal to File FIR


Madhes, Saptari, Belhi Chapena

Saptari, Prahari le muddha darta nagare pachi parmadesh ko rit dayar. November 30, Parameshwar Mandal alias Shankar of Malekpur VDC-5 has moved the Appellate Court Rajbiraj on November 30 after the police refused to file his complaint. Mandal had claimed that physical assault on his wife Mayawati Devi by his brother and nephews had led to her miscarriage. Mandal has claimed in his petition that the police, instead of forwarding the legal action, was protecting the perpetrators. He told INSEC representative that he was compelled to seek the writ after his attempt to file a complaint at District Police Office and District Administration Office was rebuffed on October 27. Mayawati had a miscarriage on the third month of pregnancy when her brother-in-law Bhunilal Mandal, 55, and his sons Jibachha Mandal, 30, and Arbinda Mandal, 28, had assaulted her on October 23 striking her stomach with the handle of the spade. She was treated at Gajendra Nayaran Singh Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital in Rajbiraj Municipality-3. The doctors involved in her treatment had said that the reason behind her miscarriage was the trauma she faced when physically assaulted by the relatives.


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