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Inmates in Tent Due to Lack of Space

2014-12-02 SMS Alert: Dadeldhura,karagarma basne thaau nabhayepachi kaidibandiharu tripalbhitra. Dadeldhura/December 2 The inmates in district prison, Dadeldhura have been passing their nights by keeping tents above the prison walls due to lack of space since two weeks. Guard of the inmates Devraj Kunwar said that it was difficult to manage the inmates as the prison with capacity of 25 inmates is holding 73. He added that the inamtes have been kept at the open space inside the prison by keeping tents. ASI Dambar Thapa said that the over-crowding has also caused lack of drinking water and problem of toilet. One of the inmates said that they is not enough space to stand. He further said that 15 inamtes stay inside the tent. District Administration Office, Dadeldhura said that the three fold inmates than its capacity had created problem in their management.


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