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Minor Boy Killed After Abduction


Minor Boy Killed After Abduction

Kathmandu/November 23

Suvam Sah, 11, a three grader at Harati Sikshya Sadan in Bafal, who had been abducted on November 18, has been murdered on November 20.


The Crime Division at Hanuman Dhoka Police, in a press conference on November 23, said that Suvam, a permanent resident of Janakpur Municipality-7 had been staying in a rented room with Bijay Sah, son of elder brother of his father in the house of Jamesh Maharjan in Sitapaila.


Police have arrested seven persons allegedly associated to the crime from different places including Janakpur and Kathmandu, it was stated in the press conference.


According to the information provided by the arrestees, the slain body of the minor boy was found inside a suitcase in the counter of Super Sita Yatayat in Kalanki on November 23, police said, adding that it has been found from the investigation that abductors had murdered the boy in the room of Dharmendra Thakur, 18, one of the arrestees hailing from Haripur of Sarlahi at Kapurdhara in Kathmandu on November 20, packed it in the suitcase and left the suitcase in the counter of Super Sita Yatayat in Kalanki at 6:30 pm on the same day.


After killing the boy, the abductors had demanded ransom of Rs. 25, 00000 to the family of the child till November 22, police said, adding that the boy was abducted for the sake of ransom.


Suvam, who had left the rented room at 9 am to go to the school on November 18 was abducted on the same day. An unidentified person over phone had told Ram Bhagat Sah, father of the murdered boy that the boy was with him in the evening on November 18. The next day, Ram Bhagat had filed an application at Hanuman Dhoka Police seeking a search for his abducted son.

Raju Paswan


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