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Condition of Refugees on Hunger Strike Deteriorating


Condition of Refugees on Hunger Strike Deteriorating

Jhapa/November 24

Human rights organizations including INSEC have drawn the government's attention towards the deteriorating condition of the female Bhutanese Refugees holding hunger strike for the last 10 days.


After visiting them, a statement was issued by INSEC Jhapa District Representative, Integrated Development Academy and Youth Action among others saying their condition was worsening and can become serious.


The statement said even drawing the attention of the visiting state minister Bhimraj Chaudhary has not resulted in any government which revealed its apathy.


The women are holding the strike since November 15 demanding the identity card and relief. About 3,749 refugees of four categories of refugees staying in Nepal for the past 19 years are denied regular support.

Arjun Basnet