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8,000 Nepali girls trafficked to Gulf countries


Bagmati, Kathmandu, Kathmandu

 It is revealed that as many as 8,000 Nepali girls have been trafficked to Dubai for alleged prostitution via Delhi, reported The Times of India. According to a report carried out by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB), 6000-8000 young Nepali girls aged between 20 to 30 years have been trafficked to the Gulf countries till December.

Revealing the modus operandi of the alleged trafficking, a senior agency official said, the girls are booked with tickets, provided visa and hotel reservation in Nairobi via Dubai for tourist purposes but when they land in Dubai, their tickets for Nairobi and hotel bookings are cancelled. The girls also carry with them ´Paper Visa´ to work in Dubai which they keep hidden with them. Once the tickets are cancelled in Dubai, they go to their agents there, stay for two-three months and come back, the official claimed.

When asked about Nairobi connection when they can easily go to Dubai and come back as they have valid documents, the official said there could be many reasons--the Nepalese officials seek details of employer and nature of work and prostitution is never encouraged, girl going to Dubai for work is a social stigma among others. Following a tip-off, the agency had carried out a surprise check which revealed that 76 girls were travelling to Nairobi via Dubai on an Air India flight in July 2014 after which records of such travels were checked, the sources added. The official said that agency has written to MEA, MHA and other concerned authorities to look into the issue and plug the loopholes in the immigration system which is exploited by the agents to supply girls to gulf countries.