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Returned Properties Recaptured by Baidya Faction


Lumbini, Bardiya, Rajapur

Returned Properties Recaptured by Baidya Faction

Bardiya/November 26

The Baidya faction of UCPN-M has captured the land belonging to Binaydhoj Chand, Binoddhoj Chand, Laxmi Chand, Saurav Chand and Sovit Chand of Prayagpur in Rajapur on November 25, on the same day as it was declared returned.


A team comprising of CDO Ramkrishna Subedi, UCPN-M's Taskforce for Return of Property and the land owners had made the declaration.


Soon after, UCPN-M affiliated All Nepal Peasants Association's local leder Ajay Chaudhary placed the party at around 7 pm saying they would not free the land till the tillers, freed kamaiyas and landless people don't get land ownership certificate.


Tilak Sharma alias Himal of the Taskforce coordinator and UCPN-M's district in-charge said it was agreed between the landowners and the farmers who are tilling the field that that the tillers would provide half of the harvest to the land owners. He added similar agreement has been made before the return of the captured properties.


Chand family's land has been captured three times by the UCPN-M- once during the conflict time, then after the signing of the CPA and then after the recent signing of 7-point agreements on November 1. A meeting between the UCPN-M cadres and the CDO held on November 26 remained inclusive.


Man Bahadur Chaudhary


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