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Army Diffuses Pressure Cooker Bomb


Army Diffuses Pressure Cooker Bomb

Bardiya/November 26

Nepal Army bomb disposal team has defused a pressure cooker bomb placed on the Nepalgunj Gulariya section near the border of Sitala Bazaar in Kalika5 and Ganeshpur of Mahammadpur1 on November 25.


A truck heading for Nepalgunj from Gulariya sighted a suspicious black packet around 4 am on November 25. He informed about the packet to an APF force at Mankhola.


The APF then informed about it to the police at Ganeshpur. The bomb was defused by the Nepal Army arriving from Gorakh Dal Gulariya around 9 am.


Police said a pamphlet with the words 'joint strike' was discovered from under the bomb. However, Kanhaiya Tharu, the coordinator of their strike and central member of Tharuhat Tarai Party said his group had not carried out the act and claimed that some armed groups or the groups opposing the agitation might have placed the bomb.

Man Bahadur Chaudhary


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