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NHRC to publicize list of human rights violators


Bagmati, Lalitpur, Lalitpur

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has unveiled its fifth strategic plan, which includes publicizing the list of Human Rights violators. The strategic plan for the next six years has envisaged formulating a work procedure for publicizing the list of human rights violators. "The commission will blacklist human rights violators as well as people in government offices who do not execute our recommendations," said Mohana Ansari, spokesperson for NHRC. "We have found many security personnel recommended for action for human rights violations securing promotions and assignment in peacekeeping missions. The blacklisting would help all sections of society know the human rights offenders," she added. Likewise, the strategic plan has envisaged setting up a reliable mechanism to register complaints regarding human rights violations from all 75 districts. "The commission also aims to extend its reach to all 75 districts and receive complaints at the local level. For this purpose, the NHRC could work in collaboration with institutions like Nepal Bar Association, which is dedicated to protection of human rights and has networks across the country," stated a press statement issued by the NHRC on Tuesday. The strategic plan, which has the slogan "Human rights in each household; a basis for peace and development" has set four major objectives, which include investigating cases of human rights violations and monitoring human rights situation in the country, protecting human rights, assuring rights to the poor and marginalized people and extending the commission's reach through institutional development. The strategic plan also envisages establishing coordination with the concerned commissions to assure the victims of armed conflict reparation and justice. Likewise, the strategic plan has stressed on assuring justice to the victims of human rights violations and protecting basic human rights of inmates.