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Saptari widow in capital seeking citizenship


Madhes, Saptari, Kanchanrup

A Dalit woman, married to a Brahmin man around a decade ago, has been experiencing hard times to acquire her citizenship certificate, following the untimely demise of her husband around 18 months ago. Rekha Pariyar had married Rajan Prasad Niraula from Dharampur VDC-8 in Saptari district who passed away in a road accident, leaving Pariyar in lurch. Neither had the woman registered her marriage in the local government body, nor had she ever felt the need of acquiring her citizenship certificate until her husband was there. "I do not have a citizenship card, nor a marriage registration certificate. Neither do my kids have their birth certificate," bemoaned Pariyar, adding that in lack of either of the identity card, it has been very difficult for her to admit her children to the school. Pariyar shared that she would like to apply for the citizenship card which is only possible provided her case is supported by relatives of her deceased spouse. But, according to Pariyar, they have been adamant against her appeal. "I have all the evidence that proves that I am a lawful wife to my deceased husband, but my in-laws have not been supportive to help me making citizenship certificate and marriage registration card fearing that I would claim my share of property form my husband's," explained Pariyar. Due to the indifferent treatment of the in-laws, this mother of two children has been sheltering in a non-governmental agency in the capital where she has been supporting her children by working as a labourer. Victim Pariyar' kids are also likely to be bereft of basic rights including right to education in absence of their mother's citizenship certificate and their birth certificate. "The school where I am going to enroll my daughter has asked me to submit her birth certificate by the mid of April," said Pariyar, casting a gloomy tone, "But I am afraid I have no such papers currently." Amid this extreme situation, the National Dalit Commission has come to the rescue of Pariyar. The Commission has already submitted an application to the District Administration Office in Saptari to provide her marriage registration, children's birth certificate as well as to entitle Pariyar with due share of her husband's property.


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