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YAN Cadreds Arrested, Released


YAN Cadreds Arrested, Released

Kathmandu/December 1

Over two dozens of Youth Association Nepal (YAN) cadres along with its Chairman Mahesh Basnet have been arrested in the Capital on December 1.


Cadres of YAN, youth wing of UML were arrested as they had gone to submit a memorandum to the Youth and Small Enterprise Self-Employment Fund (YSESEF) demanding to maintain transparency in the fund. Police arrested them as they started vandalizing the office, DSP Dhiraj Pratap Singh, Spokesperson at the Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka said.

The cadres who had reached to the YSESEF office vandalized seven windows and flower pots as the official refused to accept the memo. The officials, however, claimed that the angry cadres started vandalizing without a proper reason.

They were released few hours later, after being kept at Nepal Police Club.

Raju Paswan


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