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Abductor Slapped 10 Years on Day One of Hearing


Sindhupalchok/July 13

The District Court has mad its verdict on the day the case on abduction was registered on July 12 sentencing an abductor to 10 years in prison.


Single bench of Ananta Raj Dumre decided to send Anuja Gurung Shrestha of Chilankha-7 in Dolakha to jail on charge of holding a 14-year-old girl of Pangretar7.


The decision came after Shrestha confessed her crime to the District Judge when she had been taken to the District Court for registration of the case, registrar Dasharath Pangeni informed.


Shrestha had met the girl, seventh grader at local Seti Devi Lower Secondary School, at her home on April 27 and allured her with a good job in Mumbai. When the girl refused to follow her, Shrestha gave her a coke which was mixed with sedative. The girl, who fell unconscious, was taken to a home in Kathmandu and held hostage. The girl managed to escape from the place by breaking the door on May 28.


The girl managed to reach her village. Shrestha came to the village on June 17 with a purpose of taking the girl back but was caught by the villagers and handed over to the police.


The girl, who suffered physical and mental torture while being in hostage situation for a month, is being kept at rehabilitation center in Chautara.


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