Incident Reports

Girl with Disability Raped


Dailekh/July 21

Family of a 13-year-old girl of Chharching, Barah-7 has accused Birkha Bahadur BK, 45, of Khadgabada VDC of raping her on July 19. The girl with physical and mental disability was raped allegedly by BK.


The victim was raped when she was staying alone at her house. The accused ran away when aunt of the victim saw him raping the child. Her aunt informed her relatives seeing the girl bleeding from her private part.


According to the victim's mother who had arrived at the district police office (DPO) with the victim, BK raped her when she had gone to the maize field leaving her alone at home. She informed Police Post Ranimatta immediately about the incident.


SI Ishwori Tiwari of the DPO said that the accused had been arrested on July 20. He added that the accused had admitted the charge.


DPO chief Sudarshan Thapa said that medial test of the victim had been conducted and that investigation would go ahead after extending the detention of BK.