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Woman Tortured on Charge of Being Witch


Dailekh/July 29

Amrita Singh, 29, of Bini in Narayan-5 has been thrashed by her relatives on charge of being a witch.


Amrita told INSEC district representative that her relatives Dil Maya Kunwar, Laxmi Singh and Dhir Bahadur Singh beat her up on July 29 morning accusing her of leaving bite marks on their bodies. She added she was being abused by them for a long time.


She filed a complaint at District Police Office, Dailekh on July 29 demanding action against the perpetrators.


When inquired, DSP Sudarshar Thapa said that it was illegal to accuse any of being a witch and inflict physical and mental torture. He further said stern action would be taken if anyone found guilty of such crime.


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