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Man Arrested for Killing One on Witchcraft Accusation


Province 1, Morang, Ratuwamai

Morang/August 28

Police have arrested Amar Lal Koiri, 45, of Mahadeba5 on August 27 on charge of killing Ovi Lal Koiri, 50, of same place. Amar has been accused of killing Ovi Lal on charge of practicing witchcraft.


Inspector Gopal Dhamala of the Area Police Office Sijuwa said that five persons including Amar killed Ovi Lal on July 29 and buried his body in a field. He added that body of the deceased was found on August 7.


A local Ram Lakhan Tajpuriya said that Amar had threatened to kill Ovi lal accusing him of bewitching and killing his two cows. The deceased was working as a shaman in the village.


The accused is brother-in-law of the deceased.


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