Incident Reports

Students of Private School Teacher Tortured


Sindhuli/August 31

The guardians of Sindhu Subh Prabhat Boarding School at Dhura Bazaar of KamalamaiN.P.6 have complained that they children were being subject to torture every day.


Santosh Thapa, a guardian said that they found out about after the students refuse to change their school dresses and refused to go to school.


A third grader at the school, Binita Lama, 9, said that she was beaten with a stick by teacher Bibash Nepali after she missed one alphabet in a spelling. She added similar was the case with her friends too.


The students said it was common for Nepali to beat up students over petty issues. They added when they told their parents about his behavior, the parents would suspect that the students were not doing their homework.


School Principal Bhimsen Thapa said the school was asking the teachers to create students-friendly environment and promise to suspend such teachers in future.