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Enforced Disappearance Predates Armed Conflict: Sushil Pyakurel


Lalitpur/August 31

Founding chairperson and former NHRC commissioner, Sushil Pyakurel has stated that the act of enforced disappearance existed even during the Panchayat regime.


He was speaking at a program at Mangal Bazaar, Lalitpur on August 30 organized to mark the 29th International Day of the Disappeared.


The lighting of the diyas was jointly organized by 20 human rights organizations including INSEC. At the occasion, he further said that the trend exacerbated after those perpetrating enforced disappearance during Panchayat and multiple democracy remained unpunished.


Former NHRC member Kapil Shrestha that impunity had flourished as the perpetrators had secured job instead of fear of punishment.


A total of 1,350 diyas were lighted at the program.


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