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Woman Accuses Soldier of Rape


Province 1, Panchthar, Miklajung

Panchthar/September 15

A 45-year-old woman of Phaktep-5 has charged a soldier of Bishnu Dal Company and deputed in Rabi Base Camp of raping her on September 14.


She said that she was raped by soldier who was in patrol around 10 am as she was returning home from Ghurpise Bazaar.


She filed a complaint at the Phaktep Police Station asking for action. She said that she could not know his name but just that he had a dark complexion. Her husband said the police had called them to Rabi Area Police Office on September 15 morning to discuss the case.


The woman says that they were met by some senior police and army personnel who persuaded them to settle the case on the offer of Rs 15,000.


Rabi Basecamp’s Captain Prakash Ghimire said that the woman had not been able to recognize the accused while he denied paying her the money to maintain silence.


The police officer pressuring the couple to settle the case has been identified as Inspector Naresh Singh but DSP Binod Silwal of District Police Office, Panchthar said he did not have details of the incident.


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