Incident Reports

Family Seeks Help to Locate Missing Girl


Sindhupalchok/September 29

Kanchhi Biswakarma of Thulodhading1 has requested for help on September 28 to find out her daughter.


According to her, neighbor Puja BK, 21, had taken her daugther, Anjana BK, 10, to Kathmandu on April 15, 2010 ensuring a job for her. But, the next day, the family was told that the girl had gone missing.


As Puja had taken her to Lubhu in Lalitpur, Kanchhi filed a missing report at Lubhu Police Station on April 23 and at Mude Police Station on May 31.


Kanchhi said that Puja used to go to India on business purpose and was currently living in Naya Thimi in Bhaktapur adding when she asked about Anjana, Puja’s family would intimidate her. She had also filed appeals at village paralegal committee and village child protection committee on July 17.


When INSEC DR contacted locals, they suspected that the girl might have been trafficked to India.

Police expressed ignorance about the case.