About NepalMonitor.org

NepalMonitor.org is a system designed to alert local organizations to human rights and security incidents happening in their area, as well allow anyone to easily share incidents they see with local, national, and international organizations. This should help these organizations to better respond to what happens around them, and keep themselves safe.

NepalMonitor.org maps reports from media, collected by large reputable organizations, or sent directly by individuals. You can see these reports or send in your own in multiple ways.

Email: Alert@NepalMonitor.org

  • Subscribe: Send us an e-mail that includes a District, City, or VDC name and we'll send you human rights and security reports from 50 KM around that location.
  • Report: Send us a report with as much detail as possible, including the VDC or village or city name, and we'll put it online where the world can see it, and send it back to organizations in your community. We will only include your name or organization if you ask us.

SMS or call: 9808975502

  • Subscribe: Text us "sub" + your name, organization, and VDC or village to receive short reports from your area on your mobile.
  • Report: Text us as much information as you can fit in a text message, and we'll call you if we need to know more before putting it online and sending it back out via e-mail and sms.
  • Verification: We strive to report as much as possible, but will only mark a report "verified" if it has been checked by a trusted organization
  • Anonymity: We will only publish your name if you specifically tell us to do so, but you don't have to tell it to us either.
  • Security: We work to assess any effects of publishing direct reports sent to us. If we think your report is likely to cause harm to you, or your community, we may not be able to make it public.
About this Program

Nepal Monitor is a COCAP protection and conflict prevention initiative, supported by pbi.

It's mission is to work with and for Civil Society Activists and Human Rights Defenders to increase their protection and maintain or expand the political space available for their work in favour of peace and human rights in Nepal.

Pursuant to this, the Nepal Monitor Project works to:

  • Democratize access to Human Rights and Security information and improve the capacities of Human Rights Defenders to utilize this information
  • Facilitate mutual support and cooperation of Human Rights Defenders, across societal divisions.
  • Leverage international presence to provide additional measures of protection for Human Rights Defenders as needed.
  • Promote international understanding of the conflicts in Nepal and to facilitate connections between Nepali organizations and the rest of the world.
  • Empower civil society so as to reduce, and eventually end, the need for a pbi presence.

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You can also download our flyer with more information in English and Nepali here.