Incidents During the June 28 Elections Vote Counting Period


Analysis Update – 9

Period: June 29 – July 11, 2017 | Published: July 14, 2017

Election-related incidents declined significantly during the vote counting period that followed the June 28 elections. There were 14 incidents recorded by Nepal Monitor between June 29 and July 11, as compared to 93 incidents during the campaign silence period and the election day, and 89 election-related incidents recorded during the campaign period between June 12 and 25.

Of the 14 incidents recorded during this period, eight involved cadres of rival political parties clashing and two were caused by unidentified groups. The four remaining incidents included: Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) cadres protesting in Damak Municipality of Jhapa against the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) for announcing the results early in their favor and changing it later; Nepali Congress cadres padlocking the vote counting center at Arjundhara Municipality in Jhapa after a ballot paper went missing; Nepali Congress cadres smearing black soot on their fellow cadre for his alleged betrayal of the party during the election; and police arresting Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) cadres and a cadre of a group, campaigning for independent Madhesh, led by Dr CK Raut reportedly for conducting ‘anti-election activities’.


This is the ninth in a series of periodic analysis updates that Democracy Resource Center Nepal (DRCN) and the Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP) | will be releasing during the upcoming elections period. This project receives financial and technical support from The Asia Foundation and The Carter Center.