Bi-Annual Report January-June 2019


In the six months, from January to July 2019 the PMP recorded 1910 incidents (1312 of them violent and 598 non-violent incidents of protests, public contestation or threats). A total of 230 people were killed and 551 were injured in violent incidents. Gender based violence (GBV) continued to remain as one of the main causes of violent fatalities. In these six months, PMP recorded 674 incidents of GBV which include 151 incidents of domestic violence, 501 incidents of rape/sexual assault and 16 incidents of dowry related violence. GBV caused the death of 102 people and left 67 injured. 

Issues related to governance, politics and economy caused the majority of non-violent contestation and public protests during these six months. As in the past, the involvement of cadres of the Biplov led Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-Chand) in violent activities and public protests is suspected. Early 2019 saw an escalation of Chand group activities, media attention on the group and state measures purportedly intended to address and curtail them, including mass arrests.