Bi-monthly Digest- September, October 2016


This is the third bi-monthly report published by NepalMonitor based on its monthly dataset of reports related to human rights and security incidents for Nepal. The report summarizes interesting patterns and trends in incidents recorded by our team during the months of September and October, 2016.

In total, recorded 556 reports for the period under review. This compares to 531 reports recorded during the previous months of July and August.

Gender Based Violence

A total of 193 reports related to gender-based violence were recorded in September-October. The majority of these reports fell into four categories: rape or attempted rape (98), child abuse (58), domestic violence (34) and human trafficking (25). (Some reports fall into multiple categories, hence summing the number of incidents for each sub-category yields a number greater than 193). With 8 to 10 incidents each, the highest number of incidents in these categories were recorded for the districts of Banke, Saptari, Kathmandu and Kaski (see figures 1 and 2).

Human Rights

Similarly, Nepal Monitor recorded 75 reports that related to human rights over the same period. These reports include various human rights abuses, such as incidents related to children’s rights (23), abuses for allegedly practicing witchcraft (5), socioeconomic rights (13), caste discrimination (3), and torture (5) (see Figure 3).