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Manbire Murderers Get 10 Year Sentence


Kalikot/November 7 The District Court of Kalikot has sentenced the murderers of Manbire Sunar of Jubitha in Kalikot district to 10 years in prison.

Mim Bahadur Shahi, Deep Bahadur Shahi and Jas Bahadur Shahi of same place were given the sentence by a single bench of district court judge Amrit Basnet on November 7.

According to Amar Bahadur Basnet of the district court, Bal Kumari Shahi who was accused of caste discrimination in the case was acquitted by the court.

Sunar had died at a hotel in district headquarters after he was injured in an attack by Mim Bahadur Shahi, Deep Bahadur Shahi following a dispute with Jas Bahadur Shahi at the hotel of Bal Kumari Shahi on December 10, 2011.

Various bodies including INSEC, NHRC, CA committee, National Dalit Commission had conducted fact finding mission into the incident.

The government has already provided 1 million rupees as relief amount to his family after declaring him as a martyr.

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