Incident Reports

Two dozen women rescued from transit points deemed sensitive


Lumbini, Bardiya, Barbardiya

Two dozen Nepali women have been rescued in the past six months from various transit points of Bardiya along the open Nepal-India border. The women were en route to India under the pretext of heading to the third country destinations. The Nepal Police in coordination with various local organizations rescued 24 women from the traffickers. Chief District Officer (CDO) Bishnu Bahadur Thapa said four transit points in Bardiya have been deemed sensitive from the security perspective for women. "The brokers use the areas along the open border with India where there is no presence of security personnel as a trafficking route. They do not use the areas where security personnel are present," he said. Thapa added that the brokers use various pretexts as medical treatment, shopping and transit to third-country destinations when trafficking the women. The organizations preventing the trafficking have designated Jamuni Karnalipur, Gulariya, Ganeshpur and Dhanaura as most sensitive transit points.