Incident Reports

Ward chief held on trafficking charge


Bagmati, Nuwakot, Dupcheshwar

The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police has arrested Sun Bahadur Tamang, ward chairman of Dupcheswor Rural Municipality-1 in Nuwakot, suspecting his involvement in human trafficking. The 49-year-old was nabbed from the district on December 20. Tamang was elected to the post during the local level elections held earlier this year. While Tamang faces three complaints, investigations have revealed his involvement in human trafficking. Two girls had filed a complaint at the CIB, saying that Tamang took them to New Delhi in 2014 on the false promise of finding them attractive jobs. The girls, who were then minors, were taken to a brothel in the Indian capital. The CIB believes that the brothel is run by Tamang and his aides. The girls, who were able to flee, also tipped the CIB that Tamang and his team from Nuwakot have been operating multiple brothels in Delhi. “We are probing Tamang for human trafficking. There are many allegations against him, some of which we have verified,” said Deputy Inspector General of Police Pushkar Karki, chief of the CIB. Several police officers investigating the case and locals from Dupcheshwor confirmed that Tamang had been involved in human trafficking for long. He was released on bail by the Nuwakot district court in a case involving human trafficking. A woman who was able to flee the brothel had lodged a complaint in Nuwakot against Tamang in 2014. His son, Guna Bahadur, is also doing time after being convicted of trafficking, suggesting involvement of the family in the crime. “He is the ‘don’ of our village. No one dares speak against him. Also, he has a bunch of goons who control the entire village,” a local from Dupcheswor told the Post over phone requesting anonymity, fearing reprisal from Tamang’s men. “Tamang’s involvement in human trafficking is an open secret in the village. The cases did not make it to the police and court because he used money and his political power to control the situation.” An investigation officer at the CIB said they were working with relevant INGOs and NGOs to track the brothels reportedly operated by Tamang in India. “We are also trying to identify more of the victims so that a strong case of human trafficking can be filed against Tamang,” said the officer. The Kathmandu District Court has remanded Tamang to seven days in custody for further investigation.
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