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Man Arrested for Beating up Daughter-In-Law


Province 1, Khotang, Rupakot Majhuwagadhi

Khotang, bihari kutne sasura giraftar. Khotang/July 27 Prem Bahadur Pandey, 60, of Chiuridanda VDC-4 has been arrested by the police on charge of beating his daughter-in-law Daya Pandey, 30. Inspector Durga Regmi of District Police Office said that Pandey was arrested after Daya filed a complaint against him saying he had beaten her after she requested him to sign her documents to get the citizenship certificate. Prem Bahadur was arrested at Diktel VDC-3 as he was fleeing the place after assaulting Daya. According to her, she requested her father-in-law to sign the documents so that she could get citizenship because she did not have the citizenship of her husband. She added that Prem Bahadur refused to sign and assaulted her as he would have to give her her share of property if she obtains the citizenship certificate. Daya’s husband is in Indian army and neglected her after getting second marriage. Married for 10 years, Daya has a 9-year-old girl. D


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