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Fact-Finding Report on Killing of Woman Made Public



Parsa,Boksiko naamma bhayeko hatyako sthalgat adhyan prativedan sarvajanik. Parsa/August 26 Rights activists have organized a press conference in Birgunj on August 25 and made public the fact finding report on the murder of a woman on witchcraft allegation. Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), Nepal Human Rights Organization, National Women Rights Forum, District Women Rights organization and Dibya Youth Club of Biranchibarba had prepared the fact-finding report on the incident. The report concludes that Parbati Devi Chaudhary of Supauli Sadi Tole was beaten to death on charge of practicing witchcraft by a group of 50-60 locals. The activists demanded action be taken against the accused, awareness raising campaigns be conducted by the government in order to end the witchcraft superstition, compensation to the victim, among others. They further suggested that Women Rights Commission recommended the government to make laws to address such incidents in the name of practicing witchcraft. Meanwhile, Kari Khan Tharu, 45, the main accused in the murder of Parbati Devi Chaudhary has been arrested from Pipariya Village of India on August 25, with the help of Indian Police, according to SP Dhiraj Pratap Singh. Police have arrested 6 people in connection with the murder of Parbati Devi. The Chief District Officer Kailas Kumar Bajimaya has provided 25,000 rupees for performing final rites of the deceased.


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