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Rising Use of Schools by Parties


Bardiya, Acharsanhita viprit dalharudwara vidhyalyako prayog badyo. Bardiya/November 7, The use of schools for election campaign has increased in constituency-4 of Bardiya District. The political parties have been using schools for election assembly and cultural program. The major political parties are learnt to have used schools for such activities. The locals of Rajapur VDC-2 said that the UCPN-M used Neta Bheri Lalitapur Secondary School in constituency no. 4 for election related activities on November 4. The UCPN-M organized cultural program with their posters and banner inside the school premises. Kanhaiya Tharu of Tharuhat Tarai Party said that police did not allow them to hold program at Kalika Secondary School in Daulatpur VDC-1 for their election campaign but NC and UCPN-M had organized their program in the school. Likewise, locals informed that UML and NC organized election programs at Bhimsen Primary School in Manpurtapara VDC-3, Pathraiya school in Pashupatinagar VDC and Chandrodaya Pre-secondary School in Khairichandanpur VDC-6. Nepal government has declared schools as "Zone of Peace". However, the political parties are yet to implement this. The election code of conduct bars political parties to use school premises for the election campaign. Laxmi Nepal, Child Protection Officer at District Child Welfare Committee said that concerned party can be warned and actions can be taken if needed if the parties are found to have organized such programs in schools.


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