Incident Reports

YCL Cadre Attacked BY UML Cadres


Karnali, Dolpa, Thuli Bheri

Dolpa, UML karyakarta dwara YCL Karyakarta maathi akraman. Dolpa/November 7, Cadres of UML have attacked YCL cadre Gyanu Rokka Magar at Dhupichaur in Dunai VDC-5 and 6 on November 6 while the latter was walking in the street. YCL cadre Magar, 25, of Rukum sustained serious head injury in the attack. He was taken to Nepalgunj after primary treatment at District hospital, according to the doctor of district hospital Bishnu Prasad Adhikari. Series of clashes between YCL and UML cadres have taken place in the district after the YCL cadres arrived in the district to give security to UCPN-M Chairperson Prachanda who came to address the electoin assembly on November 2.