Incident Reports

NC Cadres Obstruct UCPN-M Poll Candidate


Gorkha, UCPN-M Ummedvarlaai congressko avarodh. Gorkha / November 13 The NC cadres have obstructed the UCPN-M poll candidate from constituency no. 2 Hitraj Pandey by hurling stones at Fujel VDC-5 on November 13. A clash occurred between the parties when the NC cadres obstructed the way of the UCPN-M poll candidate going for the election campaign at Aamdanda of Fujel VDC by tearing the posters of the poll candidate and keeping stones in the way. Police fired three rounds of tear gas shells to take the situation in control. The NC cadres obstructed the way of the poll candidate twice while going and returning from the campaign. The clash occurred near the Bhairab Aashram Higher Secondary School. According to District Vice-chairperson of NC, the clash occurred after the UCPN-M gave threats to NC cadres for obstructing the way. Sudip Kaini फुजेल गाविस-५ मा नेपाली काङ्ग्रेसका कार्यकर्ताले एमाओवादी क्षेत्र नं. २ का उम्मेदवार हितराज पाण्डेलाई कात्तिक २७ गते ढुङ्गामुढा गरेर अवरोध गरेका छन् । काङ्ग्रेस कार्यकर्ताले फुजेल गाव