Incident Reports

CA Election 2013 Update, Siraha


Siraha, Sambidhansava nirwachan 2070 ko matadan lagayetka gatividhi, Siraha. Siraha, Nov 19- Siraha- The election officials at Bagah tole in Bastipur VDC-8 and 9 have casted vote themselves obstructing the voters. INSEC district coordinator Devraj Pokharel reported that the officials deployed from election commission have casted vote and the locals could not reach the polling center due to the UCPN-M obstruction. सिरहाको क्षेत्र नं. ५ को बलुहार गाविसको वडा नं. ८ र ९ को मतदान केन्द्र मिल्स एरिया र बस्तिपुर गाविसको बगाह मतदान केन्द्रम