Incident Reports

Three Injured in Polling Centre


Karnali, Humla, Kharpunath

Humla, Matdaan kendra ma jhadap 3 jana ghaite. Humla/November 21 Three people including a pregnant lady have been injured in a scuffle at Mandhar Lower Secondary School in Kharpunath VDC, located some 15 km from the district headquarters. The scuffle happened on November 19 during the election when the villagers of Durpa VDC commented that only the villagers from Kharpunath were casting votes and they were made to wait. The injured have been identified as Kalsari Aidi, Laxmi Aidi and pregnant lady Rasmita Aidi, 28. However, it is learnt that the scuffle was ensued by the party cadres which were imploring the villagers to cast votes according to the party line. In similar incident at Malika Secondary School Lali Polling Centre, Raj Bahadur Shahi, 34, of Lali VDC-9 were arrested after a clash with the villagers.