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Carter center Preliminary statement - Some Counting Irregularities Noted


Kathmandu,Carter Centre election monitoring preliminary statement. "In 26 % of observations ink applied to wrong thumb or not at all, in 7 % of voting stations visited secrecy of the vote was not ensured, examples of visually impaired voters not getting assistance, in one case party agents were observed to show voters where to mark the ballot, in 7 % of cases unathorized persons were present, 7 % of voting stations were overcrowded, distribution of voter IDs took place on election day, in 5 % of visits observers or party agents were restricted in their work" "Observers noted that not all counts were proceeding according to the ECN rules. In 11 of the 31 observed counting centers, the contents of ballot boxes were mixed together without 12 establishing the number of ballots in each box as required, making ballot reconciliation impossible. In five counts, ballots were counted by polling station, and were not mixed together as required. This appeared to be at the insistence of political party agents. Early in the morning of Nov. 21, UCPN(Maoist) decided to pull its party agents out of counting centers across the country.


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