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Breach of Code of Conduct in Rasuwa


Rasuwa, Rasuwa ma aacharsanhita ullangaan. Rasuwa/November 3 The major political parties have been found violating the code of conduct in the district. The district election office has not been able to draw their attention regarding the violation. Though all the political parties have committed to follow the code of conduct however the violation has not stopped. The UML violated the code of conduct in Syafrubesi of the district by using flags larger than the standard set by Election Commission and organising party to the voters. They have been organizing the party and soliciting votes. The EC has barred the political parties from organizing party. It has been found that the parties have been using big banners, posters and even more vehicles than allowed by the election commission. NC and UML have been using big and colorful banners for the election campaign. UCPN-M poll candidate and UML candidate have been using t-shirts and cap with party signs. Some of the small parties also have been violating the code of conduct.


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