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Civil Warning Reminding Constitution and Peace Process


Terahthum/January 30

INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel has stated that the army integration should be forwarded only on the basis of capacity and identity.


Speaking at the a program organized by INSEC Eastern Regional Office, Biratnagar and local civil society in Myanglung on January 30, chief guest of the program Pyakurel demanded immediate formation of Truth and Reconciliation Commission, accession to Rome Statute and drafting of the constitution ending the political stalemate.


TU professor Bal Krishna Mabohang, Human Rights Forum's Charan Prasain and INSEC Eastern Regional coordinator Somraj Thapa also addressed the program.


Mabuhang commented on the republican set up, inclusiveness and state restructuring while Prasain spoke about the constitution drafting process and ongoing peace process.


The program was organized to remind about the need of timely constitution and logical conclusion of the peace process.


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