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NC Accuses Administration of Favoring UML


Karnali, Mugu, Soru

Mugu, prashasanle ek pakshiya muddha darta gareko arop. NC has claimed that the authority registered the cases of clash between its cadres and UML cadres in biased way. It said on November 28 that the administration had accepted UML’s version while registering the case. NC accused the District Police Office refused to register two cases against UML cadres. Saying that the administration had accepted the complaint of UML against the NC cadres, NC leaders pressurized CDO Bal Bhadra Giri of accepting their complaint against UML. There was even a minor exchange of words between CDO Giri and NC cadres when he told them that he would first investigate the complaints and that they should be contacting police regarding the issues. NC claims that its cadre Ram Bahadur Budha was thrashed by UML cadres in Rowa VDC on November 16, Khagendra Shahi was beaten up in Narthapu VDC on November 17, complaints of which were rejected by the police while the complaint on beating of UML cadres Bhairav Rokaya and Jagat Bahadur Rokaya was immediately registered. Giri pledged to investigate all the charges and proper legal procedures would be adopted in all complaints. J


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