Incident Reports

Journalists Mistreated by Police


Dhankuta/January 29

Police have mistreated the journalists by holding them for three hours after they arrived at a program being attended by the PM Baburam Bhattarai wearing black bands on January 29.


The journalists were wearing black arms to protest the government move of new type of categorization which reportedly turns 140 kinds of information secret, misinterpreting the Right to Information Act.


Nepal Police and APF personnel held 36 journalists including FNJ central member Siddharaj Rai and former vice-chairperson Bijay Santoshi Rai.


The journalists coming to report the opening ceremony of Dhankuta Fair and Eastern Region Industrial Fair were asked to wear the black arm bands, FNJ Dhankuta's chairperson Mohan Bantawa said.


When the journalists reached the venue, members of the organizing committee including Bijay Santoshi Rai, Shaileshman Shrestha and Umesh Ghimire forced them away from the stage and told the police to stop them from moving.


CDO Khadka Bahadur Chapagain, Nepal Police DSP Sharad Kumar Tamang and APF DSP Narendra Sen had also supported the organizers' suggestion.


The journalists, held from 12.30 pm, broken the circle and came out from the place at 3.30 pm, chanting slogans against the police action.


Speaking at a corner meeting later, FNJ central member Siddharaj Rai and former vice-chairperson Sanjay Santoshi Rai among others strongly criticized the police.


They also announced that they would be reporting the Fair and boycotting the programs attended by the CDO.


Human Rights organizations of the district also issued a statement on January 29 criticizing the event. <