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Poll Candidate of FDSP Sought Clarification


Lamjung, Federal Democratic Socialist Party (FDSP) ka ummedhwar sarkari karmachari. Lamjung / November 15, Poll candidate of Federal Democratic Socialist Party (FDSP) from constituency no. 2 of Lamjung Gam Bahadur Tamang is found to be a civil service employee of District Post Office in Manang. The Office of the Chief Election Officer has sought clarification from the poll candidate regarding the issue. The Office has said that it will be initiating the proceeding if the candidate is proved to be the civil service employee. The Constituent Assembly Member Ordinance, 2013 has prescribed that if any civil service employee is found to be a poll candidate, such candidacy would be annulled and also proceeding will be initiated as prescribed by Civil Service Act, 2002, said Fanindra Gautam, the election officer of constituency no. 1.


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