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Freed Kamaiyas Deprived of Using Their Land


Dang/January 29

Freed Kamaiya Society, Dang has informed that 46 freed Kamaiya familes have not been able to use their land, distributed by the government, even after three years of getting land ownership certificate.


Society said it the due to the encroachment of their land by the people claiming themselves as being landless people.


The District Land Reform Office (DLRO), Dang had provided each family with five katthas of land at Kamanpur in Satbariya1. It said it had allocated land to 50 families carrying red and blue cards. Four families had refused to take the land saying the land was less than five katthas.


DLRO's non-gazetted staff Bal Krishna Dahal said the 46 families were being barred from entering Kamanpur by those encroachers. He added the encroachers were being protected by the political parties. He further said the four families who earlier refused the land, would be provided land even in other places if they come asking for the land.


One freed Kamaiya Tek Bahadur Rawat said the government and the political parties should take stern action against those capturing land of landless Kamaiyas.


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