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Candidate Accused of Trying to Influence Voters


Bagmati, Kathmandu, Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Aacharsanhita biparit bhoj garne ra rakam badhne haru sakriya. Kathmandu /November 18, UCPN-M's candidate of Kathmandu constituency no-2 Lilamani Pokharel and his wife Shashi Shrestha were handed over to police by UML cadres on charge of distributing money on November 18. The UML cadres informed that Pokharel was handed over to police after learning that he had come to distribute money to influence the voters. The local UML cadre Yadav Prasad Sharma informed that he was conspiring locals to attract them for vote. Similarly, RPP cadres organized a feast violating the election code of conduct in Lalitpur constituency no-1.


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