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Retiring Combatants Protest Party Prowling


Jhapa/February 12

The retiring combatants of the first division cantonment located at Chulachuli of Topgachhi7 have protested the snatching of their checks by cantonment commanders.


Holding a press conference on February 11, they informed that they had formed a struggle committee to resist the commanders and had chosen Purna Bahadur Limbu as their coordinator.

The retiring combatants said 701 combatants had received half of the declared money and the commanders had looted the checks provided by the state.


Limbu said that the commanders had warned them against speaking about the issue in public.


Deputy coordinator of the committee, Ram Kumar Limbu even demanded that all the checks presently distributed should be invalidated.


Saying that they were robbed of their money from their account without their knowledge, the retiring 281 combatants have issued a deadline of five days to return the check.


Commenting on the issue, first division commander Yam Bahadur Adhikari rejected the claim saying that there was no such act being done at the cantonment and that no one would be able to take the money already deposited in the banks but the account holder.


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